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The goal of Physiotherapy treatment is to assist clients in reaching the physical and functional levels required to return to sport, physical independence, work or play.  Physiotherapy intervention involves an initial assessment, treatment, and education for the management of acute and chronic conditions. 

Physiotherapy treatment may include injury specific exercise programs, manipulation and mobilization (manual therapy), electrotherapy modalities (ultrasound, electric currents, etc), functional dry needling (FDN), physical agents (ice, heat) and hydrotherapy (exercise in water).

Physiotherapists at the Dawson Creek Physiotherapy Clinic treat a wide variety of injuries and conditions including:

• Soft tissue injuries (tendonitis, bursitis)     
• Sprains or strains
• Hip, knee and ankle injuries
• Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand injuries
• Head, neck and back injuries
• Fracture rehabilitation
• Pre and post surgical rehabilitation (rotator cuff repair, menisci repairs, etc)
• Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
• Osteoporosis
• Postural dysfunction and muscular imbalance

Work Conditioning/Occupational Rehabilitation 1 Programs

Our Work Conditioning/Occupational Rehabilitation 1 program is a structured active rehabilitation program with a core focus on return to work through physical and functional conditioning, education and return to workplace support. 

The program is run Monday to Friday 4 hours per day, but attendance in the program can be tailored to suit each client’s individual need. 


Treatment in the program may include:

  • Activities to promote strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Individual specific exercises to treat the needs of the client
  • Work simulation activities
  • Education with a focus on correct lifting/handling biomechanics, soft tissue healing and the value of exercise

Occupational Rehabilitation 2 Program

Our Occupational Rehabilitation 2 program is a multidisciplinary treatment program utilizing Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Physicians.  This team of health care providers will work together to determine the treatment components required to overcome an injured workers barriers in returning to work. 

All clients will undergo an intake assessment from which a customized rehabilitation program is developed.  Individual treatment programs may include:

  • Activities to promote strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Work simulation activities and/or functional testing
  • Individual medical or psychological support/counseling
  • Education with a focus on correct lifting or handling biomechanics, pain coping and management strategies, correct posture and the value of exercise
  • Return to work planning and support, such as graduated return to work planning or a job site visit assessment

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a comprehensive assessment which looks at the client’s ability to perform work and their physical tolerances to a variety of real and/or simulated work activities.  It is a thorough and accurate evaluation process that documents a client’s physical abilities, level of effort, reliability of reports of pain and limitations and is ultimately used as an overall gauge of feasibility for employment. 

Our functional capacity evaluators have completed the Roy Matheson and Associates Inc. Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification Program.  Evaluations are generally tailored to client needs and may include:

  • Real and simulated work activities
  • Subjective questionnaires
  • Consistency of effort measures
  • Standardized testing (PERDU Pegboard, Minnesota Dexterity, etc)

Job Site Visit (JSV) and Graduated Return to Work (GRTW) Planning

A job site visit is an assessment for the purpose of supporting injured workers in remaining at or returning to work.  Job site visits review the workers tasks, confirm the workers critical job demands and then explores possible job modifications and return to work options.   

A job site visit is usually held in consultation with relevant stakeholders to establish an appropriate graduated return to work plan.  A structured graduated return to work plan contains specific job duties and hours with a specific start and end date.  The graduated return to work plan helps transition the client to full time regular duty work. 

Sure Hire

We are an exclusive testing facility for an occupational testing company based out of Alberta called SureHire. We offer breath alcohol analysis, urine analysis, spirometry, audiometric testing and physical/functional testing. Make an appointment at our clinic today for quick and accurate drug testing results.